Hello everyone,

I have a strange problem when using the Location API. When requesting a location update via QGeoPositionInfoSource::requestUpdate with a timeout value of 30000 (30s) the application behaves differently on Nokia N97 vs Nokia 5800/X6:

-on N97 the position is obtained via GPS after a successful satellites lock;
-on 5800/X6 the position is obtained almost instantly via network positioning methods - this means very bad accuracy. If requestUpdate is called again, the same position is reported instantly.

I've checked and in all phones the following positioning methods are enabled:
Assisted GPS, Integrated GPS, Network based

I tried using QGeoPositionInfoSource::setPreferredPositioningMethods(QGeoPositionInfoSource::SatellitePositioningMethods);
but to no result.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,