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Thread: Image Uploads

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    Image Uploads


    I am trying my darnedest to write an image uploading app in J2ME with absolutely no java experience (I have lots of programming experience, just not java )<-- thats a sad face and a close bracket, not a man with a big mouth

    I have got an image uploading script that i found online working (it seems) but on the web server end the bit that "receives" the file is written in jsp which again I have no experience in, and even worse, my hosting company doesn't support. So I am looking to write the script in php. Anyone keen to lend me a hand? I will owe you big time

    I have had a look at the image upload class on the nokia forum (this one)but I haven't got a clue where to start with that either. Any help with that would also be much appreciated. Save a whale, plant a tree, help a noob!

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    Re: Image Uploads

    You can use this PHP script to receive the image on your server which supports PHP.

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    Re: Image Uploads

    Thanks very much for the reply. So is the form posted like a normal php form would be?
    So I can recover the files something like:


    Thats great news!
    Is this the java that's sending the files to the webserver:

    String fileName = pictureURI.getString().substring(pictureURI.getString().lastIndexOf('/'));
    display.setCurrent(createScreenProgress("Uploading...", 100));
             MultipartHttpConnection mhc;
             if(username == null || username.equals(""))
                mhc = new MultipartHttpConnection(uploadURL, progress);
                mhc = new MultipartHttpConnection(uploadURL, progress, username, password);
          mhc.addImg(rawImage, fileName, textLabel.getString());
          response = mhc.send();
    if(response.indexOf("success") != -1)
             String fileSize = response.substring(response.lastIndexOf('|'));
             messageField.setText(fileName.substring(1) + " (" + fileSize + "kb) uploaded successfully");
          else if(response.indexOf("fail") != -1)
             messageField.setText("Upload failed: " + response);
             messageField.setText("Something happened... " + response);
    Is the file fields variable name fileName?
    Also, where would the 'form' name be set?

    Thanks so much for your help, this forum is the best!

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