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    Problem with dialog running on Qt Simulator


    I've been trying every now and then to get my code (which runs fine in the emulator and on the device) running in the simulator on linux. I have reached a point where it runs fine in normal mode, however whenever i want to execute a dialog, it exits with a SEGV.
    I've tried debugging, and it seems to crash as soon as i step into the exec() function of the dialog. The crash must be somewhere in the Qt stack, since the last c++ code showing up in the backtrace is the call to exec().

    Can anyone give me some tips how to investigate this further? Or better yet, explain to me why the 'cancel' button in the code underneath is wreaking havoc? Leaving the button out seems to bring up the dialog fine, but obviously i then have no way out...


    class OptionsTab: public QWidget
        OptionsTab(QWidget* parent=0): QWidget(parent)
    class OptionsDialog: public QDialog
        OptionsDialog(QWidget* parent=0): QDialog(parent)
            QTabWidget* tabWidget = new QTabWidget;
            tabWidget->addTab(new OptionsTab(), tr("Options"));
            QPushButton* cancel = new QPushButton(tr("Cancel"));
            QVBoxLayout *mainLayout = new QVBoxLayout;
    void MainWindow::ShowOptions()
        OptionsDialog dialog;

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    Re: Problem with dialog running on Qt Simulator

    Yes, now it happens also to me :'(((((

    Before latest update of SDK, everything was fine ...

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