Hello DiBo users,

I'm just trying to create a Nokia C3 theme using Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 4.0 and the accordant plug-ins.

The page which provides the plug-ins states that with installing the „Series 40 6th Edition Compact UI“ plug-in, it's possible to create themes for the Nokia C3, which has a 320x240 landscape screen. However, the mentioned plug-in doesn’t provide a “320x240” option in the screen size scrolldown menu:

(Nor does any of the other plug-ins.)

In another thread, I read about this “solution” for creating 320x240 themes:

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Looks like you can create a theme for the C3 by supplying the wallpapers of correct width (320x240) (using the 240x320 template). It looks distorted in the preview but appears correctly on the device.
However, it seems difficult and not very reasonable to me to create a decent landscape theme based on distorted portrait preview screens. (And presumably, the elements in a landscape theme have different pixel sizes than those in a portrait one.)
So my question: is there a 320x240 plug-in planned for the future? That would be great.