Subject: Update on Ovi Publisher revenue appearing as zero from 8 July

The reporting system for Ovi Store has shown incorrect information for the amount of revenue generated from July 3rd to August 8th, in some cases showing zero. This error affects both operator billing and credit card transactions for all content sales globally. The reporting error in our system has prevented publishers from seeing how much revenue they have actually generated based on their content sales during this period, however all revenue associated with publisher store transactions were retained and payments will be made accordingly.

We apologize to any publisher that has had issues during this time and the good news is that we have an update on this reporting issue. As of August 9th publishers can again view all downloads and sales for content items in Ovi Store.

We have identified the issue and are making the necessary changes to ensure this does not happen again. In parallel, we are working as quickly as possible to resolve the reporting issue and to make all of the transaction information from July 3rd to August 8th available to publishers. We will update you of the fix by Friday, August 27th.

Any publisher that has met the 100 Euro revenue threshold for payment should expect funds as soon as possible subject to the Ovi Publisher terms and conditions.
If you have any questions about this reporting issue or about revenue for your content, please send an email to with the subject “Question about revenue reporting”.

Scott Jensen
Director, Head of Product Marketing, Media, Nokia

Bill Perry
Senior Services Marketing Manager, Forum Nokia

on behalf of the Ovi Store and Ovi Publish teams