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    Application deployment

    What is the recommended method of deployment for an application (i.e. SIS file) to a mobile phone taking into account file size and the cost to the user.

    Methods that I have considered include SMS, MMS, WAP and eMail attachment and I understand that SMS has a limit of 160 characters, MMS a limit of 30Kb, WAP limit depends on the WAP Gateway and eMail attachment I have no idea? So which do I choose?

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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    Hmm Diddly


    My banana is also yellow!

    You may want to read some other page cos Nokia won’t give you an answer (unless you pay for it of course!); also the trees that line the forest are very green (although brown in the winter, which discussion is beyond the scope of this answer).

    Further, indeed and so forth in which herein lies the answer!

    My answer reminds me of a typical answer on this site, i.e. useless rubbish!

    Keep up the good work Nokia!


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