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    Auto Rotation of Video

    Please don't mistake me if my dout is silly I wanted to know like how we lock the orientation of the screen can we lock the video view to landscape so that we dont need to check for orientation and change the co-ordinates of the play pause forward and rewind buttons.


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    Re: Auto Rotation of Video

    If you are developing the app using FlashLite 3.1 , you can do it simply using Nokia FlashLite library.

    import com.nokia.lib.Device;
    var deviceObject:Object = new Device();

    For more info refer this link.

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    Re: Auto Rotation of Video

    Before following sangramp advise, just go through this thread :
    Setting the default orientation in Flash Lite
    Because even DisableAutoRotation doesnt lock ur content to either portrait or landscape in all cases. So, there is no good solution actually, what u can do is , show a notification to the end-user if the user holds the phone in a orientation which is not supported in your application. Wish u luck,

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Auto Rotation of Video

    Hi Friends,
    Thanks for helping me out....
    @ Sajisoft I tried your code Code:

    fscommand2("FullScreen", true);
    Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
    Stage.align = "TL";

    and this in AS in Second frame :

    import com.nokia.lib.Device;

    var deviceObject:Object = new Device();


    var i = fscommand2("GetSoftKeyLocation");

    if (i == 2)
    //2 means that the player is launched in portrait mode
    _root._rotation = -270;

    _root._x = 360;

    _root._y = 0;


    As explained the problem I'm still facing is video getting rotated automatically to portrait when the user starts the app in Portrait Mode. In this case the video is getting locked to Portrait. since we are using deviceObject.DisableAutoRotation(true);
    Can you please help me out solving this issue please.
    I am using the following code to play the video http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...n_FlashLite3.x I feel there is a bug in this code. If we expand the size of the video symbol on the stage and over lap the video controls on it. The controls are not seen on 5800 but works fine on N97. Does any one has faced the same issue by any chance.

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