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    What's API for idle screen on S40

    Does anyone tell me is there API available for Idle screen (Home screen or Active idle) on S40?

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    Re: What's API for idle screen on S40

    AFAIK, J2me does not provide any such API for Idle screen.

    Max you can do on S40 is this -- how to avoid screen saver.


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    Re: What's API for idle screen on S40

    Lei Zhang, you should contact technical support, whether you get allowed to use it. You answered your own question already, which is rather obvious since the latest Series 40 devices: Nokia C3-00 and Nokia X3-02.
    Press Release
    The Nokia C3 is the first [Series 40] to enable access to social networks directly on the homescreen.
    In older Series 40 devices, just have a look at the Microsoft Messenger.
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    Re: What's API for idle screen on S40

    Hi Lei,

    What exactly you want to do with Idle screen? Do you want to check if user is sitting idle and not doing any activity or to do some operations from home screen?

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