My apologies if this has already been discussed on the forum, I couldn't really find a conclusive answer from the earlier threads.

I'm working on a tracking application for Symbian S60 5th Edition which permits blocking voice calls & sms programatically (incoming as well as outgoing). I've read the following so far

Voice - http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...up_voice_calls

1) Can either of CTelephony, AT or CPhCltCommandHandler be used in 5th edition to block incoming & outgoing voice calls? I read that some of these methods work only for data calls & for calls originated by an app itself.

2) I'd read another thread which suggested that it can be done through non-public APIs which are offered as part of Nokia Launchpad partnership. However, I do not find any call related APIs in the non-public APIs in the Launchpad section.

3) Yet another thread suggests that such special features are only available to members of Symbian Foundation. However, there's no real con

I'd like a confirmation regarding how can I achieve the mentioned goal of blocking incoming & outgoing calls on Symbian 5th edition. Same for SMS. Is that something which Symbian allows via its public API?