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    unable to fix link error

    I am trying to compile my first QTMobility project as I ned sound recording.
    I am trying to create it for symbian devices. My code is based on "http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.0-beta/multimedia.html" example. But, i am getting "[COLOR="rgb(0, 0, 0)"]undefined reference to MediaServiceProvider::defaultServiceProvider[/COLOR]" etc.. error.

    I know it's linking error and found some thread but unable to find any suggestion for symbian devices.
    Here is my ".pro" file.

    [COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]QT += core gui network xml

    TARGET = mysample
    TEMPLATE = app

    CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY = mulitmedia

    INCLUDEPATH += C:/NokiaQtSDK/Symbian/SDK/epoc32/include ../../src/multimedia ../../src/multimedia/audio
    INCLUDEPATH += C:/NokiaQtSDK/Symbian/SDK/epoc32/include/middleware

    SOURCES += main.cpp\
    entrywindow.cpp \

    HEADERS += entrywindow.h \

    FORMS += entrywindow.ui

    symbian {
    QT += phonon
    TARGET.UID3 = 0xe5b5ce7e
    TARGET.CAPABILITY += UserEnvironment ReadDeviceData
    LIBS += -lcone -leikcore -lavkon
    TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x020000 0x800000

    RESOURCES += \

    Any pointers please??

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    Re: unable to fix link error

    Is it "MediaServiceProvider" or "QMediaServiceProvider"?

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