my question is about the awfully slow speed of TiledLayer. It seems that drawing an Image of a size much larger than the Canvas to different offsets is quite fast, but when constructing a TiledLayer from small blocks to the same size than the Image and trying to scroll that it virtually jams the entire phone. With a single Image the speed was like way over 10fps but with TiledLayer something like less than 0.5fps. I tried TiledLayer of variable sizes with variable sized blocks, but it didn't have much effect. It seems that more tiles you got the more slow things will get. I'm not doing any real-time-shoot-em-up-running-thing, but the framerates I get make it impossible to use the TiledLayer with any purpose what so ever. I do have (for test purposes) an infinite loop where I read kbd, draw TiledLayer (or Image) and sleep for 10 milliseconds (with Image 100ms is still very nice). From what it seems to me, TiledLayer with more than something like 32 tiles results into awfull jamming and of no use. Please tell me I'm missing here something vital and TiledLayer works smoothly. Test environment was WTK2.0.

- Lasse Toimela