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    Signing midlet with Thawte code signing certificate, S40, using Netbeans

    I bought a Code Signing Certificate from Thawte and followed these installing instructions:

    I have no problems importing certificate reply (.crt) to my keystore and I can sign and build my midlet using Netbeans (v6.9.1) with no problems or error messages.

    I also imported root CA:s to keystore (Thawte support recommended) using these instructions:

    But when I run midlet in emulator or try to install it in phone (Nokia 6212 NFC) I get error message:
    "Application not supported".

    Midlet installs and works normally without signing.

    I have read almost everything about this from Internet and read Forum nokia threads past four days and beaten my head on the wall, so after that I turned to professionals.

    My phone is Nokia 6212 Classic (v. 06.20, 11-02-09, RM-396, Variant: 00.00) and there is following (Thawte's) Authority Sertificates in Settings:
    - Thawte Code Signing CA
    - Thawte Premium Server CA
    - Thawte Server CA

    And every CA is valid and "App. signing" is checked in certificates "Select use"-menu.
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