I'm just new here. I hope I put create this thread in the right place.

I bought my Nokia 5530 XM last 3 months ago. Almost a month, I have discover my phone when playing music it doesn't appeared in home screen. No navigation like << > >> (back - play - forward) button. So I return to the store where I bought the phone and they brought to the nearest nokia care center. After a month, my phone is back with updated version of software(not the recent version of software). I used my phone after 2 weeks downloading some games/themes via Ovi and other resources and also updated the recent version of software direct to phone. And now the old problem is come back the one without navigation button in the home screen while playing some music. So I decided to restore the factory settings and fortunately it comes back and appear the navigation. But now I have now again another problem, I can't create new profile. When I click the new profile, it doesn't do anything and the worst it when I go back to home screen after navigating to profiles it restart. What's wrong with my phone? Anyone can resolve the problems?

Also is there a download link where I can download the facebook widget like the pre-installed facebook on Nokia 5530 XM.