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    Embedding Real Player Issues


    I am using Embedded player for playing Audio & Video in my application like below:

    RApaLsSession session;
    	TBuf<50> fileName;
            _LIT( KVideoPath1, "CommaVideo1.mp4" );
    	RDebug::Print(_L("fileName = %S"), &fileName);
    	// Gets the UID and MIME type for the given file name.
    	TUid uid;
    	TDataType dataType;
    	User::LeaveIfError(session.AppForDocument(fileName, uid, dataType));
    	// Runs the default application using the MIME type, dataType.
    	// You can also use the UID to run the application.
    	TThreadId threadId;
    	User::LeaveIfError(session.StartDocument(fileName, dataType, threadId));
    	CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // session
    1. As soon as the player completes the video, the control is not returning to my application. Control comes back to my application only if I press 'Back' softkey.
    Can I have the control over the Embedded Player ?
    2. While playing Audio, if I navigate to other applications and again navigate to my application, audio is still playing in background.

    Can I get any alternative player which fulfills my requirement ? or Can I have the control over
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    Re: Embedding Real Player Issues

    Basically you can not control the embedded applciation, they have their own logic for handling their logic, and AFAIK realplayer is not implementing any aadditional interface that you could use to change its behaviour.

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