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    None xml rss feed

    Hi I have an rss feed for a website and I wanted to put it in the rss reader widget but when i run it in the wrt ide it doesnt load it and when i install on my phone i get a network error message


    here is the feed.

    does it matter that it isn't an xml?

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    Re: None xml rss feed

    Hi mkr10001,

    the feed seems to be ok. Which code are you using to retrieve and parse it?


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    Re: None xml rss feed

    This feed is atom. The widgets generated by Symbian WRT IDE and Aptana plugin only support RSS feeds. You would need to update parsing code in the FeedUpdateBroker.handleResponse

    Atom feed is still an XML document.

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    Re: None xml rss feed

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    What I meant was it didn't end in .xml and I wondered if that was the problem.

    The code I'm using to retrieve it is just the default one from the RSS reader template and I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to update the parsing code.


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    Re: None xml rss feed

    File extension does not matter. Reworking should be really straightforward. See FeedUpdateBroker handleResponse method:
            var itemElements = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("item");
            for (var i = 0; i < itemElements.length; i++) {
                // iterate through child nodes of this item and gather
                // all the data we need for a feed item
                var title = null;
                var date = null;
                var description = null;
                var url = null;
                node = itemElements[i].firstChild;
                while (node != null) {
                    if (node.nodeType == Node.ELEMENT_NODE) {
                        if (node.nodeName == "title") {
                            // item title
                            title = this.getTextOfNode(node);
                        } else if (node.nodeName == "pubDate" || node.nodeName == "dc:date") {
                            // item publishing date
                            date = this.getTextOfNode(node);
                        } else if (node.nodeName == "description") {
                            // item description
                            description = this.getTextOfNode(node);
                        } else if (node.nodeName == "link") {
                            // link URL
                            url = this.getTextOfNode(node);
                    node = node.nextSibling;
    Element names will be different but the general idea is just the same.

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    Re: None xml rss feed

    Thanks very much I'll give that a go.

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