Hi all,

There is a necessity to develop an application for Symbian 6.1 and 7.0. There are some key problems below, on which I need to know answers. Any informations is welcomed, specially the links to the articles with the answers to question. I'm sorry but I have only two days to investigate Symbian, therefore I ask to everyone!

Beforehand thanks Dmitry!

1) If we have a custom MTM will have to handle IMAP and we want to reuse the existing IMAP MTM as much as we can. Is there any way to create a new MTM that actually extends the existing MTM or do we have to completely duplicate the existing IMAP4 MTM's functionality in ours? If so, is there enough support in the SDK do that?

2) Determine which GUIs for email editing and configuration can be modified for UIQ and Series 60. Specifically, can menus be added when the user is in the list view of a mail box? Also, can menus be added when he has opened a message for reading. This is where we would add menus like "Accept|Decline"

2) Determine reason for latency of the existing IMAP4 MTM, and determine if it can be reduced in a custom MTM.

4) Determine whether an MTM or other application can distinguish if a GPRS disconnect was accidental or intentional.

5) Determine whether can detect if messaging client was closed forcibly by system due to memory constraints.

6) Investigate mechanism to perform synchronization tasks in the background so that the user can continue to use the email app.

7) Verify that an MTM running in the background can be appropriately cancelled or aborted when an incoming call is received or when the user wants to make a call.

8) Determine whether or not a connection confirmation window appears (or sound is made) if the MTM attempts to re-establish an accidental disconnect while in the background.

9) Verify if can detect whether the phone is roaming from the MTM or other app.

10) Determine if any mechanism to display new mail indicator in the phone’s main Applications app.

11) Verify if can hook in online help to the MTM.

12) Determine mechanism for OTA configuration and installation without relying on Bluetooth or I/R.

13) Does the Symbian client support authenticated SMTP session? If not, what would be the solution to make it support authenticated SMTP session?