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    Help - Bad VOIP quality speech with N70

    I have an N70 with an Italy-H3G SIM.
    I have registered my SIP provider (of Dellmont circuit) using Fring and then Nimbuzz. The quality of the speech is not acceptable in both cases. There are many interruptions in the speech that make voice incomprehensible.
    The problem is only in the inbound speech. The problems seems to be in N70 phone, because I'm using the same provider with Siemens gigaset and with N95 (with nimbuzz) and the quality is excellent.
    I have done an upgrade of my N70 with Nokia PC suite to the latest SW version. The problem remains.
    Is there a known issue for this problem?
    What could I try?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Help - Bad VOIP quality speech with N70


    This discussion board caters to issues faced by 3rd party application developers. For end users issues and peer support please post your query in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Good Luck!!

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