Hi everybody,

I have this question.
I'm using JBuilder 8 under WindowsXP(sp1) to develop J2ME app for the Nokia3650. I'm using the Nokia SKD Concept SDK. Compiling goes fine, but running the stuff on the Emulator shows some weird problems.

1. First it complained that the Emulator can only run on JDK version 1.3 (note: not even 1.3.1 or any other value). It looks in the registry for the current Java Version. If this registry value is any different that "1.3" it will not start up.

First i used the setup of my JBuilder Project to have the emulator run under a JDK1.3 version (JBuilder allows to specify a JDK runtime for the MicroRuns.. nice). This did not help.

Then I started editing the Windows' Registry! Add added a new JDK version "1.3", copied the sub-keys from version "1.3.1" to the new "1.3" and manually assign the CurrentVersion to "1.3" (can not use the JavaPlugin from Sun, since it only recognized the officially installed ones: in my case 1.3.1 and 1.4.1_02).

This fooled Nokia's Emulator and it ran and i could even debug. But then, I'm never able to end the debug session. Even killing process through the TaskManager and/or pskill did not work. Only closing JBuilder entirely does the trick (not without complaining though).

Is there an easier 'fix'/way to use the Emulator for debugging/running?