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    Ovi Downloader crashing a lot

    When i try to download songs from ovi store only half of the song downloads and then a window appears saying you need to download a small piece of software(microsoft DRM) and when i click ok the downloader crashes.

    I m using windows XP SP2.Since i was unable to solve this problem i reinstalled the os but again the same problem.

    can anyone pls help me download that small piece of software directly?

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    Re: Ovi Downloader crashing a lot

    Hi Optimus Prime. You are on the wrong site. This site is reserved for application developers targeting Nokia's smartphones.

    Customers using Nokia's products or services, such as the Ovi Music, can find support on the respective product pages, e.g. at http://music.ovi.com, look for Support link on the top right corner.
    You may also seek advice from other Nokia users at http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Ovi Downloader crashing a lot

    OVI Maps SDK

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