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    countries distribution list


    I've experienced strange behavior of OviStory regarding application for a country availability
    The story: suddenly, my application sales drops to zero
    I've decided to investigate, what is going on and discovered, that my application is not visible atn all!
    I've tried a lot of proxies (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China, Netherlands etc) to check but any time I got:
    Sorry, this item is not available for your country.
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    In the distribution list for my application is checked all except China
    Any1 can explain to me, what is going on?

    Vlad Stelmahovsky
    Symbian & Qt developer. http://vladest.org

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    Re: countries distribution list

    Dear Vlad,

    I do recall having addressed your concern, as you have sent your request via publishtoovi.support@nokia.com

    Please check your registered email inbox.
    Best regards,

    Ovi Store Publisher Support

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