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    Voice is lua based

    I found GPS voices at: cities\diskcache\voices\finnish_m and there I found following files: common.lua, config.lua and skin_finnish_male.lua

    I found out that I can edit them like replacing voices.

    But my problem is that I can't make some (like 3) sounds in random order, it makes finnish voice unavailable in driving instruction list.

    I know how to script:

    randi {
    maneuver_turns = {
        ["NO_TURN"] = {"g5man_001e", "g5man_001"},
        ["KEEP_MIDDLE"] = {"g5man_009e", "g5man_009"},
        ["KEEP_RIGHT"] = randi[math.random(1,#randi)],
        ["LIGHT_RIGHT"] = {"g5tur_002e", "g5tur_002"},
        ["QUITE_RIGHT"] = {"g5tur_003e", "g5tur_003"},
        ["HEAVY_RIGHT"] = {"g5tur_004e", "g5tur_004"},
        ["RETURN"] = {"g5man_004e", "g5man_004"},
        ["HEAVY_LEFT"] = {"g5tul_004e", "g5tul_004"},
        ["QUITE_LEFT"] = {"g5tul_003e", "g5tul_003"},
        ["LIGHT_LEFT"] = {"g5tul_002e", "g5tul_002"},
        ["KEEP_LEFT"] = {"g5tul_001vare", "g5tul_001var"},
        ["nil"] = {nil, nil},
        ["UNDEFINED"] = {nil, nil}

    So the thing im asking is that is math.random broken or just disabled?

    My Phone: Nokia 5230 Comes with music

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    Re: Voice is lua based

    Please read the disclaimers in the files, at least the ones on my device do say rather stritcly that you are not allowed to be copied or dublicated in any form. So firstly do remove the part you have published here, and secondly do contact directly to the rights holder for further instructions.

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