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    Google Map on N900, Little Problems

    Hi all,

    I am now developing the navigation app with google map api. With a simple picece of code from http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...n:_Google_maps, I am able to make the webview widget shown on the screen. But the problem is when I launch the app, an icon with "?" pops up first, then when I drag or double click on the screen, the map flashes. It's supposed to move smoothly.

    Here is my code setting up the googlemap.
    WebWidget::WebWidget( int /*width*/, int /*height*/ )
    	//google map 
        setUrl( QUrl("qrc:/gmaps_files/gmaps.htm") );
    And here is the video showing my problems, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m5_CD20tVQ

    Thx for help.

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    Re: Google Map on N900, Little Problems

    You are starting your application with root permissions. Never do that.

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    Re: Google Map on N900, Little Problems

    the question marks comes from your html page.. webkit fails to render something in the page.
    Do you have a marker or something like that?

    About webkit graphics performance... give it a try to QGraphicsWebView setting a QGLWidget as viewport to take advantage of hw acceleration.

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