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    Question implement a float window on maemo using qt

    I want to implement a float window on maemo. And in windows we use the function setWindowFlags(Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint), but when run in maemo it also fullscreen.
    do some one told me how to implement a float window on maemo using qt. thanks~!

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    Re: implement a float window on maemo using qt

    Hi xiaojun,
    windows manager doesn't allow floating windows. Banners are a special case.. but they have a special window type not supported by Qt (
    You can change the window type, but I don't think you will able to get it working.
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    Re: implement a float window on maemo using qt

    Do you wish to display another floating window on top of your main one or ? Maemo does not really encourage/support floating ones (except with things like Hildon banners or slide-in Dialogs) as usually they impede on the mobile usage and would have window manager/focus issues as well. Can you describe your use case, maybe there is a simpler way to accomplish what you are trying to do ?

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