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    Build with gcce 4; get error undefined reference to `TDes16::FormatList(TDesC16 const

    According to http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...h_Symbian_SDKs.
    I download Symbian ADT Sourcery G++ Lite 4.4-172 for ARM SymbianOS.
    Patching the SDK and make lots of improvement.
    But get error "undefined reference to `TDes16::FormatList(TDesC16 const&, char*)" when building gcce urel.

    The problem maybe:
    1. comment out in gcce.h "typedef struct __va_list { void *__ap; } va_list;"
    2. There is a definition in STDARG.H "#define va_list __e32_va_list"; and in STDARG_E.H "typedef char* __e32_va_list;"

    Could any expect give help to get ride of the link error?

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    Re: Build with gcce 4; get error undefined reference to `TDes16::FormatList(TDesC16 c

    The article says these particular modifications may or may not be necessary. So it may worth a try undoing them and see what happens.

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    Re: Build with gcce 4; get error undefined reference to `TDes16::FormatList(TDesC16 c

    I am working on 3RD MR. Undo these change for gcce.h; fail to build also.

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