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    Exclamation Not recieved payment in this month September

    dear Ovi admin or other developers, did you get the payment in this month?
    we normally get payment in the earlier month in month's beginning, eg at the Aug 1st or July 1st or Jun 29th.

    but this September, we still not got the payment in the earlier days of Sep or the end days of Aug.

    and our sales for sure achieved the revenue share level, we can got more than 1000.00 euros sale per month.


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    Re: Not recieved payment in this month September

    Dear Mobilemaster,

    Would you kindly provide us with your company name and user name and send your inquiry to publishtoovi.support@nokia.com? We can investigate this issue further once we receive the sufficient information from you.


    Ovi Publisher Support
    http://publish.ovi.com/ [^]

    Promote your Ovi Store App on the web now!
    http://promotions.ovi.com/omt [^]

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    Re: Not recieved payment in this month September

    tks for the reply.
    i already send the email to yr suggested email. actually it's our 2nd email about this issue.
    btw, we never got the Remittance advice for each month's payment. will you explain is it normal? does any other developer has the same issue?

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