i want to use security features like
RSA Encryption, RSA Signature , MD5, SHA1 Digest directly on Nokia Series 60.

The Symbian API Doc states that there is a high level security api which allows only password based Encryption/Decryption.

But i want to use RSA, Digest, Keys etc directly not just a password based encryption via CSecurityBase class.

So i found out that symbian offers a high level API for cryptography:

Certificate management (certman)
Cryptography (cryptalg)

Unfortunatly cryptoalg is not documented any further nor are there any header files for the Cryptography API on Series 60.

Where do i find these headers and libraries to do RSA encryption/signature and Random-Number-Genaration by my self? Why is the cryptography API not documented at all?

Or can i use a 3rd party pure C++ crypto api with symbian series 60?

Thanks in advance

Christoph Brueckner