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    Lightbulb How to target Qt application to multiple symbian devices

    I am in process of making an application which will run on almost every devices which supports Qt. But I am curious about the GUI. In Qt Creator I had designed a form which was looking fine but when I saw that in emulator then it was going out of screen area, fonts were big etc etc.
    So I want to ask what are the ways to target multiple devices. Some devices come with Landscape and portrait Orientation, some are touch screen, different resolutions etc etc so there are several problems.

    What are the Best practices for these problems?
    Rahul Kulshreshtha
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    Re: How to target Qt application to multiple symbian devices

    I think when you are creating the UI with designer it creates a main window with the fixed size. Use the layout manager that will manage the layout in case of the different device. Avoid any fixed size widget that may creates a problem for you. Search into the wiki for layout manage.
    Jajal Mehul

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