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    Thumbs down Hi Nokia Europe, N900 user from Hong Kong (GPS problem)

    Hi Nokia Europe,

    Do you know I had purchased ~ 10 series or more # of Nokia phone in the past!!

    I had used N97mini for few months and dropped it, beacuse it always hang on the startup white screen!! I never had this experience on the past Nokia phones. Most of the people is very disappointed it!!

    Until now, I am using N900, like many people in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other Asian is waiting your programmer to fix the problem on GPS / Nokia Map!! The phone is useless if the map is not accurate then S60V3-V5,,,,,,,I did contact the local Nokia Shop, hotline, support etc...etc ... Their "professional" respone is " at this moment, we don't have any bug fix and ask me to wait ,,,forever".

    Since I had purchased the phone on May, it was almost 4 months, I am not sure should I wait for it?? Or should I decide never use this brand any more ......(please let us know will you do the firmware update or Map update for N900 or not? please announce it...)

    I just wanna to know will Nokia will care our Asia market?

    Let summarize my N900 problem:
    No translation(Chinese words) on Nokia Map.
    NoT accurate locate by the GPS module /Nokia Map...
    How come the front camera is so dark??
    Why this powerful phone can't use video call...?? Unbelievable....


    Hong Kong People

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    Re: Hi Nokia Europe, N900 user from Hong Kong (GPS problem)

    I already answered in one of your posts here, so please stop posting more posts on same topic.

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