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    GPRS Mobile Termination (MMS) and peer to peer connection


    I understand that today all GPRS connections are setup by an handshake with SMS.
    I believe this is done because if the dynamic IP address assignment and that the GPRS session only gets live for the period of "connection" time. This assignment is done by GGSN node (gateway gprs service node).

    Is it possible for another Mobile terminal to get the IP address by reference of the MSISDN number ?

    Can MT (mobile terminal) A request the IP address from MT B by the phone number. Then a peer to peer connection can be setup because MT-B listens at a port.

    I am looking at a solution that a) does not need special support from the operator b) avoid SMS if possible



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    SMS isn't the only route. A true peer to peer is completely decentralised. If you're ready to consider a hybrid, then you could use a standalone server on the public internet.

    Once MT A has done a GPRS attach/PDP context activated, and been allocated an IP address,

    it can communicate this to a stand-alone server.

    If MT B does the same, then the server can choose to inform B, that A exists on Ip address X.

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