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    Submission Qt app to Ovi Store

    Hi everyone,

    I am going to submit my Qt app to Ovi Store, but as guys in Ovi Store said my sis is not packed with a Nokia assigned UID, so I pick up my sis file and walk to symbiansigned.com, then symbiansigned.com said my UID packed in sis is not inside their protected range, I feel angry and depress.....Anyone can point me put a way to solve?

    Following is what I have done:

    1. register a account in trust center to get publisher ID, .cer file and .key file
    2. get a new UID from symbiansigned.com and use it in .pro file
    3. pack the sis file with smart installer, .cer and .key
    4. submit to symbiansigned.com in certificate signed way -----> Failed! It said my UID is in unprotected range........

    Please Help!!


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    Re: Submission Qt app to Ovi Store

    The sequence you used the second time was almost correct. What you need to do is send your sis BEFORE packing it into the smart installer sis to symbiansigned to be signed, then get that back and pack it into the smart installer sis.

    Going the other way (the "free" signing approach) you got a failure because there you must use the UID that Nokia provides, not one that you get from symbiansigned.

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