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    Question Dynamically Show Options Menu

    Hi All,
    I have an options menu that I would like shown when a user presses on an item a list view.

    What do I need to put into my window's selectionChanged slot to get the menu to be automatically shown?


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    Re: Dynamically Show Options Menu

    I've tried using QMenu::exec() and QMenu:: popup(), these allow me to create the menu anywhere on the screen. But I haven't found a way for them to "activate" the Options menu along the bottom of the screen (as if I had manually pressed on the Options menu).

    Anyone any ideas how to do this programatically?


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    Re: Dynamically Show Options Menu

    You could maybe use the menuBar() call.

    Alternatively, what about injecting a Symbian mouse press event or CBA event into the event loop?

    As said, all of this is speculative. But please keep us posted if you manage it!
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