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    Thumbs up The details for build QBluetooth for Windows xp?

    I downloaded the QBluetooth_lib, how to build it? I just found inforamtion in "QBluetooth Documentation", it said "Use QBluetooth.pro file to open the project. Next step is create the DLL." How to create the Dll? I can not add the library in QT, who can help me to explain the details to build QBluetooth, and let me use this library normally.

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    Re: The details for build QBluetooth for Windows xp?

    I sent a email to tech team(Nikolaos and Luis), and get the answer for this, i thinks it will be helpful for other guys, so i wrote the information from email here.
    Thanks Nikolaos and Luis again.
    Information form email:
    First of all download the QBluetooth version placed to the Nokia wiki. The one currently provided by the project's page has a problem to the Windows part.



    Next step, find and download Bluesoleil SDK. This SDK is used at the Windows part to implement the bluetooth operations.

    For convenience, copy the contents of the Bluesoleil SDK to a folder in the folder of the library -> QBluetooth_lib/QBluetooth/BlueSoleil_SDK_2.0.5/.

    Now since you have VS2008, donwload and install the Qt VS add-in : http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/visual-studio-add-in.

    Next step, you open VS2008 and go under "Qt" -> "Options". Set the Qt version. The go under "Qt" -> "Open Qt Project File". Locate the QBluetooth.pro in the QBluetooth_lib/QBluetooth. After this, the project should be imported successfully!

    The project file is written in a way that if you just build the project (press F7 as shortcut to VS2008), the .dll and .lib files will be created and placed in the debug/release folder. That folder is in the same place as the .sln file of the Visual Studio's Solution.

    Now you are ready to use the library. Get the .dll, the .lib and the .h files, link the first two and include the headers and you will be ready!

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