We’re posting this message in order to alert anyone who might be using sf\os\graphics\printingservices; so far we think no-one is using such software within the graphics package of the Symbian OS.

The PrintingServices collection (sf\os\graphics\printingservices) provides a framework for providing printer drivers. However, this framework has not been used in any device and has not been actively developed or maintained so this collection is now being deprecated with the intention to remove it from future releases.

It is important to note, however, that the Graphics Device Interface API continues to provide printing support to printer devices. Printing is treated as drawing to a graphics context, with the printer represented by a specialized graphics device.

The PrintingSupport component (sf\mw\appsupport\printingsupport) provides the framework for printing to printer devices. It also supports a framework for print previews. The implementation supports printers using PictBridge (USB), Bluetooth, DPOF and UPnP (WLAN). The printing application can be started from any application using AIW (Application Interworking) plug-in.