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    Login Page

    The login page need to be created more user friendly on FN.

    If one is not logged in and wish to post a thread while moving on the DiBo, He is redirected to a message page showing the message to login first and then on Login page by a clicking on "Login". After successful logged in, the main DiBo screen appears. Again one has to locate the discussion where he was initially, to post a thread. This consumes more time while moving one page to anther.

    Instead, it will be better and less time consuming; if a login page could be opened as an Ajax Model Window and the login formality can be accomplished there only. I have seen this on most of the websites now a days.

    I dont know whether this is feasible here or not but if it is done for the login page, it will be more user friendly.

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    Re: Login Page

    I do agree with you and it will saves time. Lets see if forum nokia will going to implement this in some way or not?
    Jajal Mehul

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