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    Getting a snapshot few times per second

    Hi, I need to capture an image from the camera on my device few times per second. The image after some processing will be used to track the device movement, so the number of snapshots per second should be at least 3-4.

    My device is: Nokia 6220 Classic ( S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 )

    Right now I use:
    to activate the camera and then
    videoControl = (VideoControl)player.getControl("VideoControl");
    byte[] raw = videoControl.getSnapshot(null);
    to take a snapshot, but it takes too much time for every snapshot to achieve mentioned rate of 4 pics per second. Each time I make a snapshot it looks like the camera is trying to set up the focus, so it takes a while. It also plays sound, which I would really like to turn off somehow.

    Is there any way to speed it up a little? I really don't need this image to be good quality. It could be just a single frame from the captured video (like when the image from the camera is displayed live on a canvas), but I can't find any solution how to do it.


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    Re: Getting a snapshot few times per second

    capturing an image and its speed is depends on mobile phone which you are using

    Normally what the ration you have told 3-4 image per sec is not possible......

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