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    Question connect emulator S60 to localhost

    i build http request to web server, actually it's connect to internet via IAP . In process development and testing, i used emulator S60 and xampp-apache for server with status as localhost I put my server page in folder xampp.

    last day, i try to setting emulator device connection -> select WLAN: , that can't connect it.

    And emulator always select iap when try connect to internet, iap is winsock . what is winsock and it can connect to where ?

    the question : How way to connect emulator with localhost in my computer?

    code language : symbian c++
    server : xampp


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    Re: connect emulator S60 to localhost

    Winsock is the socket API of Windows. Since the emulator runs on Windows, usage of it is a sane choice. Can you connect to with a web browser?
    If you are connecting a device over WLAN, it will require the WLAN address of your PC, since would be the device itself. You can also try using the WLAN or Ethernet IP address of your PC in the emulator.

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    Re: connect emulator S60 to localhost on the emulator is the emulator and on the pc is the pc. You can't use

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