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Thread: Scroll bars

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    Scroll bars

    Where can I find guidelines for how to use scroll bars in 9210?

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    RE: Scroll bars

    Scroll bars are visible only when there are items to be scrolled, i.e. when there are more items than can fit on the screen at any one time. The height of the scroll bar depends on the view. The scroll bar does not exceed the margins in the list views, but in the editors and in windows the scroll bar resides close to the frame without any margins.

    The location of the scroll bars in the editors is always vertically on the right-hand side and/or horizontally at the bottom of the view. There is no margin between the scroll bar and the application frame or the edge of the view beneath it.

    The scroll bar in the windows, as in the editors, is located as just beside the right-hand edge without any margins. Only the top margin exists with the scroll bar.

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