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    what's up with Ovi Files service?

    It is closing since 1st Oct 2010. any reason for this?

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    Re: what's up with Ovi Files service?

    Ovi is not a Forum Nokia service. The closest thing you can find here is the publising to Ovi / Ovi app wizard board-set, and you already know them.
    You can find a "Ovi.com, Ovi Store, Ovi Share and Ovi Sync" board on the end-user site.

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    Re: what's up with Ovi Files service?

    The reason: Nokia did not want to spend any more money on keeping it (an unprofitable service) up and running, including maintaining the related software clients and server(s). Services come, services go. Some live on longer than others in the cloud.

    Nokia's notice is here: https://files.ovi.com/sas/about

    See also: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/...les_servic.php

    If, you want an official Nokia response, you have to ask Nokia directly: http://www.nokia.com/about-nokia/contacts

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