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Thread: Softkey labels

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    Softkey labels


    I want to change the default labels "yes/no" and "Select/cancel" from confirmation query and listquery, what is the procedure ? i know that can be done by editing resource but not sure exactly how , anybody knows ?


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    Re: Softkey labels

    Are you using the .rss file now to format the dialogs?

    If so, then you should have line which says something like this inside

    buttons = R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_YES_NO;

    You could change this to:

    buttons = R_MY_CUSTOM_CBA_1;

    And then define them as this:

    buttons =
    AVKON_CBA_BUTTON { id = EAknSoftkeyYes; txt = STRING_r_custom_yes_text; },
    AVKON_CBA_BUTTON { id = EAknSoftkeyNo; txt = STRING_r_custom_no_text; }

    Then inside your rls file you can define the texts:

    rls_string STRING_r_custom_yes_text "New yes"
    rls_string STRING_r_custom_no_text "New no"

    Hopefully it works for you.

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