Dear all,

I was following the Publisher Registration process and stopped right at the first step, where I'm asked what type of account I want: Personal or Corporate. The only explanation about this choice is:
Select "Corporate" if you represent a company and would like to publish content on the Ovi Store.

Select "Personal" if you wish to publish content as an individual on the Ovi Store.

I thought this explanation was somehow too simplistic and tried to dig more. The Publish Guide says:
Corporate accounts are designated for legal business entities. These accounts may apply for a Media Publisher that permits distribution of audio, video and personalization content

Personal Accounts are designated primarily for individuals that wish to distribute content. These accounts cannot apply to be a Media Publisher
(Obs.: underlined by me)

This is still absolutely not clear. What is "personalization content"? Is it related to just "themes" for the phone (like background images)? And what kind of "content" is being talked about on the Personal Accounts paragraph?

I'm also not sure if these are really the only differences between the two account types.

Another question: is it possible to "upgrade" a Personal account to a Corporate one (or vice-versa)?

If a Nokia representative is reading this, I suggest that these questions should be clearly answered on that page.