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    Question Qt and Windows CE

    I'm new to Qt and have been struggling to find all the tools I need to develop Qt apps on Windows CE. My assumption is that I can develop the Qt app on a Windows or Mac and then easily run it on a Windows CE device.

    I've downloaded and installed Qt 4.7.0 on Windows and Mac and can write simple apps that run on both.

    I then downloaded and installed the Win CE 5.0 standard SDK, the 30 day eval for Qt for Windows CE v4.6.3 for Visual Studio 2008 and the Visual Studio plugin for Qt.

    However, when I try and create a new "Qt Windows CE Application" project in Visual Studio 2008, I get an error message... "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component."

    When I tried to load the Qt app from the Qt Creator for 4.7.0 in the Qt Creator for 4.6.3, it just loads the .pro file as a text file.

    What do I need to get the Qt app running on Windows and Mac to work with Windows CE?
    Is Visual Studio 2008 required or can I use Qt Creator?
    Where can I find some Qt demos that will run on Windows CE?



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    Re: Qt and Windows CE

    Hi zephar,
    please give me the URL for the program you used!
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