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    Game need external input in order to display

    I am porting a J2ME game named "Need for Speed SHIFT" on "blackberry 9800" where I am facing one problem with display.
    When I launch the game it’s just show me white screen until I tap the screen/press any key.

    Device is having Dual mode, where we have been blocked LANDSCAPE mode with relevant image.
    When I launch the Game in LANDSCAPE mode it just show me that blocking image unlike in PORTTRAIT mode need some external input in order to display the game.

    So far I have been tried possible workarounds,
    - Used Double Buffering and
    - Finally I copied all stuff from MIDlet constructor to startApp()

    Game is having Singleton instance of Canvas.
    I know when we do setCurrent() then AMS subsequently called showNotify() and paint()

    In simple words; Game need any external input like Tap the screen/Key Press/LANDSCAPE to PORTRAIT / or even charger interrupt
    Can we have any workaround to get rid of this problem or
    Can we make any workaround to get required external input programmatically?

    Hope, this will make clear my problem to you otherwise I’ll try to elaborate more on it.


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    Re: Game need external input in order to display

    Are you repainting the Canvas inside the keypressed() or you are doing this on the thread?

    Would like to ask that how your flow of the game is?

    Also discussing this issue on the Blackberry Forum will be better,
    Thanks with Regards,

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