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    Text input field only accepts one character and then auto loses focus. Help!


    I'm quite new to this Flash lite / Nokia stuff. I've developed an app which for the purposes
    of testing this issue, I've pared down to one text input field on a timeline with only the code stop();

    If the phone accesses the SWF over the web, it works fine. Click in box (testing using an E71),
    yellow rectangle appears, type away. No problem.

    But: When packaged as a wgz app, installed and run, I click in the input field, and it allows me
    to enter one character only. The Done/Cancel menu appears at the footer of the screen and if I
    click "Done" and then click *again* into the input field, I can then enter as much text as I like.

    Clearly this isn't great useability. Anyone seen this problem, know the solution?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Text input field only accepts one character and then auto loses focus. Help!

    Hi galaxyg,
    Can you please check out whether the same wgz work fine on other devices? If they can run on other devices without this issue then it must be something related to specific phone E71 or may be some firmware specific issue. Well! personally i dont recommend wgz for distributing Flash Content as there are few other issues too like slow tap response, double tap may zoom in the flash lite content in touch screen phones, sometimes sendAndLoad api fails to bring the connection pop-up etc.
    So, distributing SWF via SIS is a recommended method and it make your content to work on those devices also which doesnt support wgz.

    Best Regards,

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