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    Start Point for building application for mobile phone


    I want to write an application for Symbian 5th Edition. But I don't know how can I start.

    I have downloaded "Qt SDK for Windows* (322 MB)" and written and run several projects (in Windows).

    Now, I want to install and test my application on mobile phone (5800), for example I want to send SMS, Qt doesn't have library for this. which library should I use?


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    Re: Start Point for building application for mobile phone

    You need the Nokia SDK: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Develop/Qt/

    (I'm not sure if there's a straightfoward way to develop for both Windows and Symbian/Maemo - I've done it only by downloading and installing both SDKs separately, and then manually setting up the desktop build target to point to the Windows Qt directory...)

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    Re: Start Point for building application for mobile phone


    Qt for windows does not include the library for mobile function. But you can use Qt mobility for this pupose and you are require to configure it.
    As a another option you use Nokia Qt SDK for your application deevelopement which comes with Qt mobility and everything is setup in a single attempt.

    You can download it from forum nokia site.
    Jajal Mehul

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