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    A question about the concept of CAknDocument


    I am relatively new to the Symbian s60 SDK concepts.
    I was referring to the documentation on the Application Framework.
    Even as I am familiar with the MVC architecture, I am not sure I fully understand the need for a CAknDocument layer between the CAknApplication and the CAknAppUi (Controller).
    Based on my knowhow, the application owns the UI controller. So I am not able to fully grasp the design concept of a document object owning the controller. I have not come across a similar paradigm in other smartphone SDKs.

    I would appreciate any clarification.


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    Re: A question about the concept of CAknDocument

    Hi Vin,

    Go through below link first....http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...rns_in_Symbian

    I am quite sure It'll help you in understanding MVC concept and CAknDocument layer betwwen application & APPUI...

    after that still you have any queries..please ask to us....

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