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    Question pys60 1.9.6 extensions confusion

    I have an E61 with a few pys60 applications of my own programming. A.o. a application that accesses both the (supplied) locationacq module and the 3rd party landmarks module:

    Unfortunately pys60 >1.9.0 does not support the scriptext module for Symbian 3rd initial release (9.1). So I would like to port the landmarks and may be also the locationRequestor:
    To the new pys60 versions. How to????
    I get confused by the various options: Carbide, QT-SDK, PyS60-SDK, S60-SDK. Is there somebody who can inform me how to get these extensions work with the new PyS60? Please consider that I have mainly Python and Pascal and almost no C/C++ experience.

    I can work on Linux (Ubunto 10.04) with on a VirtualBox Windows XP (with properly working OVI-suite).
    Many thanks for helping, Janwillem

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    Re: pys60 1.9.6 extensions confusion

    To be perfectly frank, learning Symbian C++ and its development tools just for doing the port -- without knowing what the problems might be -- would take many days, perhaps weeks of sleepless nights (Symbian C++ is the most difficult development environment I and many others have ever seen). You should instead find someone who already is skilled with Symbian C++ and also would benefit of the port and get her/him do the port.

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    Re: pys60 1.9.6 extensions confusion

    Just download the ported version(s):


    We use these routinely on Python 2.0.0, but they should work on 1.9.x

    The sources can be found here:


    This should have been clear from that website (https://www.iyouit.eu/portal/Software.aspx) but someone redeployed an older version of that page, which only lists the 1.4.5 extensions. We'll correct this soon.


    PS: veel succes!

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    Re: pys60 1.9.6 extensions confusion

    Thanks for this. It seems to work.
    However, in the exmple from the pdf in locationrequestor.zip I had to change the lines:
    if (info[3] == locationrequestor.EDeviceInternal):
    if (info[3] == locationrequestor.EDeviceExternal):
    into the equivalents from test.py:
    if ((info[3] == locationrequestor.EDeviceInternal) and ((info[2] & locationrequestor.ETechnologyNetwork) == 0)):
    if ((info[3] == locationrequestor.EDeviceExternal) and ((info[2] & locationrequestor.ETechnologyNetwork) == 0)):
    Otherwise it seems to "think" I have an internal gps while it concerns an E61/Holux M1000 combination.

    Remains that it annoys me that I cannot get sthe sdk working on such simple things as just compiling source into dll.
    Thankls again,

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