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    Applications for the N900

    I have a Nokia N900 which I think is generally great.

    What I can't understand is why didn't the N900 come with handwriting recogniton and voice dialling?
    Voice dialling is essential when driving.

    Handwriting recognition in my experience is by far the quickest way to get text into a hand held device. Not being as much of a technocrat as a lot of people I've been unable so far to get anywhere with Cellwriter. My N900 says Cellwriter is incompatible with the phone and I don't understand Debian. What seems absurd to me is I've been able to completely down load Open Office but because I'm restricted to slowly tapping a key board it becomes a waste of time to work on a text document. Is it possible somehow to transfer the handwriting recognition application that has existed on Symbian operated phones onto the N900? Some pople don't seem to have liked them but I found them to be fine. Yes, I didn't always get every letter correct but I wouldn't if I trained the Cellwriter to my handwriting either - inconsistency being one of my weaknesses!

    Another application which I have found usefull in the past was business card processing. People still use business cards and the application saved a lot of time.

    Being able to download an MMS application has proved useful but it's not as convenient as one that's integrated with SMS.

    Being able to freely move applications from Symbian to Maemo to Meego would be great. Just what someone like me needs.

    Keeping hard keyboards seems a waste given that virtual ones are available and of course handwriting recognition. They also use up space. But then some people like them so live and let live.

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    Re: Applications for the N900

    please do ask this one also at teh end user discussion board: : http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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    Re: Applications for the N900

    Thank you for your kind advice symbianyucca. I'm obviously new to all this. I'll post the other two in the same slot as well.

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