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    The stylus and the phone

    I've been finding a stylus very useful for pinpoint accuracy even with a touch screen (not everybody's hands are suitable)

    The best place for a stylus to be housed though is inside the phone It appears that the N8's stylus is detached. This was a disaster on the Sony Ericsson Satio. I hope Nokia aren't doing the same mistake. When one is housed in the phone there's a far less chance of losing it and it's far more convenient to start using istead of having to scramble around in a pocket or bag looking for it.

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    Re: The stylus and the phone

    You should really ask questions like this in the end user discussion board, anyway, with capasitive screen, you can not really use any simple stulys. Making a stulys that would actually work on it would increase the price of the device significantly, that why no manufacturer (as far as I know) have done that yet.

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    Re: The stylus and the phone

    Thanks for that again.

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