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    Two things holding mobile phones back

    Like many of us I feel mobile phones have proved to be wonderfull inventions. I'm sure I'm not alone either in thinking their progress is being hampered by two things in particular.

    1) Batteries. Having longer lasting batteries would be a great advantage.

    There are probably a 1001 reasons why the following solution isn't possible at the moment but it's develpment could be the solution. Not being a technocrat I don't know how powerfull small solar panels are - similar to the ones found on pocket calculators. Is it possible to have them transparent. If this was the case then the whole front of a mobile phone could be a solar panel assuming they could be developed in such a way that enabled them to be touched in the same way as we touch screens now for use. A combination of solar panel and battery might be an interim solution.

    2) Signals. Again you have to bear in mind my ignorance. Why is it that when it's posible to use GPS for location on a small mobile phone, masts and sim cards can't be replaced by satelites and a service provider's chip to pick up the signal? Any phone could then be used anywhere which would greatly enhance useability and safety. OK I know satellite phones at the moment are very large, but surely adapting the technology has to be the way forward.

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    Re: Two things holding mobile phones back

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, this DiBo concentrates on software development related issues fro Nokia devices & services, not really HW designing. anyway, there has been huge improvements over the years on battery life, and most loikely there will be more in the future.

    For the 2nd one, are you suggesting that all devices should be satelite phones ?, most of the people are actually not moving much at all most of their time, thus it is not really feasible to make all devices as satelite phones. And also satelize phones requires loads of more power for transmission, thus it would also kill your batterylife.

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    Re: Two things holding mobile phones back

    Thanks for your reply again. Perhaps one day we'll have batteries powerful enough and satellite devices small enough. It may be something for hardware developers to get their teeth into.

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