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    Nokia SIP Client problem

    Hi everybody! I'm using nokia sip client for my voip calls, and i've installed the SIP VoIP Settings plug-in to configure VOiP settings.
    I can make and receive VoIp calls through my asterisk PBX, but I have a problem: if there is an active internet call (data Call) , when i try to call the sim number (voice call), i receive the busy tone; on the contrary, if there is an active voice calls on my cell and it receives a data call, this last call is put on hold.
    How can I have the same behavior when there is an active data call? I have to change any setting on my cell (E55) ? I thought it might be a bug of the Nokia SiP Voip Setting.

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    Re: Nokia SIP Client problem

    Is Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) involved at all in your issue?

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